The power of an open email

Last week during the keynote at BlackBerry DevCon Alec Saunders posted his email address ( on the screen and asked developers to email him. As a result he is “blown away by the passion and dedication” of those that emailed him. Really all he did to get this great feedback was to post his email.

I think the main reason that many others don’t do this is that they are afraid that they will be overwhelmed with email. Over the first few days Alec reported that he had received over 225 emails, while that is a big number it is not an amount that is unmanageable. Furthermore as director of developer relations this is what he should be doing anyhow.

One of RIM’s larger issues, communications wise, is that developers too often feel that their emails go into a “black hole”. While some departments at RIM are better then others it would be nice if more of them followed this policy of posting open emails.

On a related note, if you would like to talk to the head of a much smaller company, my email address is