Projectile Physics updated for Apple devices

The Projectile Physics app has been updated to version 3.1 for iOS and Mac computers. This update greatly improves support for the iPad. Also there is a new option on the settings page that adds the option to run the app in a dark mode independently from the system wide setting.

About Projectile Physics

This app is a projectile physics calculator designed to solve for all of the components of a typical projectile motion problem. The app solves for both the vertical and horizontal components of the distance traveled, the constant acceleration, the initial and final velocity, as well as the time. These factors are solved for in real time in order to help you get back the factors of the equation quicker.

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Hockey Scores updated for iOS

The Hockey Scores app has been updated to version 5.0 for iPhone and iPad. This new version has been updated for the upcoming NHL season, and improves support for the latest phone and iPad sizes. Additionally the app can now also be run on the newest Macs with an M1 processor.

About Hockey Scores

In addition to showing the scores of each game, the app also shows the game time, shot on goal, shot attempts, hits, faceoff percentages, and a full list of all of the game’s goal scorers.

A one time in-app purchase can be used to remove all advertising from the app.

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