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Ebscer MovieData (Version 1.0)

MovieData is a program that helps organize everything that you would ever need to know about your favorite movies and tv series. MovieData allows you to create your own custom lists, and to keep private ratings about your movies while also seeing what others think of them. Additionally it provides you with all of the background data for your selected movies, and tv shows including cast lists, plot summaries, and writers, directors, studios, as well as runtimes and release dates.

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Plans are in place to release a version 2.0 of this program around Christmas time. As such any requests for additional features are more than welcome. A new version of Ebscer Batch Updater is also in the works.

Ebscer MovieData (beta)

Finally working on a new piece of software. Ebscer MovieData is designed to give you information about movies from a number of online sources (mainly and allows you to store and compare information about movies on your computer or a local server. The current version is still very beta with version 1.0 expected to be released in early July. Download the beta version here. As it is a beta, please feel free to note any noticed problems in the comments here.

Known issues include

  • Will crash if not connected to the internet
  • Save functions not yet implemented
  • Sort functions not yet implemented

Other improvements scheduled for version one include

  • An options menu
  • Multiple movie choices will be moved to a popup
  • Improve ratings information (especially for tv)
  • Better tab ordering on controls