The BlackBerry Store

Little known fact is that BlackBerry actually does have a few stores. Ok, technically run by a third party called Wireless Giant, but something I had no clue about. Returning from DevCon last week, I passed by one in the Newark Airport and was completely shocked. The store itself had BlackBerry posters everywhere and was 100% dedicated to selling just BlackBerry phones and accessories.

After asking on Twitter, Alex Kinsella mentioned that the Philadelphia Airport has one as well. While the store was pretty cool to see, I have to admit that I am a little confused on its value to RIM. I would assume that the main benefit to having a brick and mortar BlackBerry store is so customers have a place to go for help and support. Placing the store inside of an airport terminal makes that pretty much impossible. Still the store had a good number of people in it, and I honestly don’t understand the business model of most of these in-airport stores.