Call-A-Human updated to version 1.2

The Call-A-Human application has been updated to version 1.2 with expanded listings, and updates to some current ones. This application allows you to easily call straight to a customer service person at hundreds of companies without having to go through the hassle of going through a phone tree. The application also includes a built in search field, and for BlackBerry devices running OS 6.0 or higher it integrates with universal search so you can just start typing without even opening the application.

Efficiency Improvements

Using this application is far faster then manually going through the phone menus or even just pounding zero. The first three columns in the chart shows the time (in seconds) it takes to get to an actual human by using the menu, by just hitting zero, and by using the Call-A-Human application. The final two columns show the percent increase in efficiency that the application provides.

CorporationPhone MenuZero StrategyCall-A HumanEfficiency (menu)Efficiency (zero)
American Eagle441714214%21%
Mutual of Omaha31181782%6%
Norwegian Cruise Line321111191%0%
Time Warner Cable603626131%38%
US Bank624018244%122%

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