RIM should partner more with Amazon

The biggest tech companies (Google, Microsoft, and Apple) all have their own smartphone OS’s to worry about. The largest tech company without its own smartphone platform is Amazon, and therefore RIM should do everything they can to make sure that their products work well with Amazon’s services. While many think of Amazon more as a merchant then as a tech company, Amazon has significant marketshare in cloud computing, and dominates the eBook market.

The relationship between between RIM, and Amazon is actually in pretty good shape. Amazon announced that they would release a Kindle application for the PlayBook within minutes of the announcement of the device. In many ways this was mostly a reaction to the demonstration of a Kobo application on the PlayBook, but it still shows a commitment by Amazon to the BlackBerry Platform.

More significantly Amazon recently launched a mp3 store for BlackBerry devices. The fact that this application was first announced on an official RIM blog shows that there was some work done together within the two companies in order to put this application together. Furthermore the fact that there is a developer toolkit coming for this store, also adds some direct benefit to the BlackBerry platform as a whole.

It is in RIM’s best interest to keep working with innovative tech companies like Amazon (and Adobe), because Google and Microsoft are going to continue developing for their own platforms first.