The End of an Era

I think it is time to admit what has been obvious for a long while now, that my time as an independent mobile app developer is over. I have not released updates to any of my apps in over two years now, and given the state of the market, I don’t really have the motivation to work on any of these projects in the near future.

The apps for the BlackBerry, Nook, and Windows Phone stores have long been inaccessible. And this summer when I let my Apple developer license expire, the apps for iPhone will disappear as well. While I will not be aggressively purging any other app stores, there isn’t much left that is compatible with the latest operating systems.

This has been a really fun project, (and for a few years a fantastic full time job). I am sure that there will be future software projects (even if they are more likely to be on the web), but until then I am getting enough coding in as part of my day job.

Thank you to everyone who supported me over the years.