Adding a keyboard shortcut to refresh Google Chrome on the Mac

As a developer, a lot of time is spent continuously refreshing a web page. This can be made faster by using a keyboard shortcut, for most browsers refreshing is done by the F5 key. However, despite repeated requests Google has still not built in this functionality to the Mac OS version of Chrome. Fortunately there is another way to add this feature.

  1. First open up “System Preferences”
  2. Select “Keyboard” and then the “Shortcuts” tab
  3. On the left panel select “App Shortcuts”
  4. Then press the “+” button below the white boxes
  5. From the application dropdown select “Google Chrome”
  6. For the Menu Title enter “Reload This Page” (This text must be exact)
  7. In the Keyboard Shortcut field hit the F5 key

It is a bit of a work-around, but this adds the ability to use the F5 key to refresh a webpage when using Chrome on the Mac.