Expectations for tomorrow’s launch

RIM has insisted that they will still have some surprises to announce tomorrow when they launch BlackBerry10. While we already (unofficially) know all about some unannounced features such as BBM Video and BlackBerry Voice, I am hoping that RIM still has a few surprises up their sleeves.

I spoke about this some on video with with Michael Li, but I think that RIM may still have a bit to announce in terms of cloud services. The set up that RIM is already using for the print-to-go app on PlayBook, implies that most of the infrastructure and technology is already set up and tested for BlackBerry to create a very integrated device to desktop connection. I am hoping that the upcoming BlackBerry Link app is more cloud based, than just a re-skinning of BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

BlackBerry also has some opportunities with their Scoreloop acquisition. The existing ‘Games’ app on the DevAlpha implies that there will be a significant advantage to games that integrate with this service. The recently released update to Pixelated includes Scoreloop leaderboards for this very reason.

With pretty much all services on the device now tied into BlackBerryID, there should be plenty of opportunity to use that for device storage similar to how Windows 8 uses the Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.RoamingSettings objects in order to link app settings across different devices.

Away from cloud storage, BlackBerry has a real opportunity in their ability to support DLNA. With this they can offer features that make Apple TV (and the Nexus Q) irrelevant. The only downside is to battery life. In a year or two this approach could also threaten the need for an Xbox of PlayStation.

Also I really hope that BlackBerry announces something that finally makes NFC useful. It is cool technology, but in the past 18 months of having NFC on my phone, I have not had a real reason to use it.