Three Years

Three years ago today I sold my first BlackBerry application. In the morning I posted Pixelated Plus for sale in AppWorld, and by the end of the day it had been purchased by three people. It has sold a lot more copies since then.

Back on May 31st, 2009 BlackBerry AppWorld was less then two months old, and not preinstalled on any devices. Pixelated Plus at the time was exclusive to the BlackBerry Storm and had no free version available. So three sales on the first day seemed pretty good. Of course the next day, I didn’t sell any.

At the time the magic number was 93. That was the number of copies of Pixelated Plus that I needed to sell in order to break even on the $221 that it cost me to get into the store. At the time I was nervous about my ability to make back that investment.

Needless to say, but it has paid off. In 2010 I left my job in order to make silly little games full time. So thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past three years. There is no other “job” that I would rather have.