Farkle updated to version 1.5

10,000 Farkle has been updated to version 1.5 in BlackBerry AppWorld. The biggest improvement in this update is that you can now exit the app in the middle of a game, and then resume the game, when you restart the application. This new version of Farkle also makes some improvements to the efficiency of the app, as well as some visual tweaks.

How to Play

Farkle gives you six dice to roll and awards points for a straight, three pairs or three or more of the same number. Fewer points ares also awarded for each individual 1 and 5. Any dice that do not score can be re-rolled for additional points. If all 6 dice can be scored, all of the dice can be re-rolled on the same turn.

The skill in this game comes from knowing how far to push your luck, and which scoring combinations to take, and which to re-roll.

The default game mode gives you 10 turns to score as many points as you can. The 10,000 point mode is the traditional way to play, where the goal is to reach 10,000 points in as few turns as possible. The two competitive game modes “vs Friend” and “vs Computer” both use the traditional race to 10,000 points.

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