$199 PlayBook is not sustainable

From my post yesterday on BerryReview

“There is no doubt that the bill of materials for the BlackBerry PlayBook is higher then its $199 sale price. Additionally once you consider distribution costs, and some profit for the retailers RIM is losing a significant amount of money on each tablet that is sold. While the idea of positioning a product as a loss leader is not uncommon, there isn’t too much upside for RIM in this case.”

Read the full post at berryreview.com/2011/12/02/199-blackberry-playbook-is-not-sustainable

Hockey Scores app updated

The Hockey Scores app has been updated to version 2.10 in BlackBerry AppWorld. This new version fixes a bug relating to the game time as well as improving the look of some of the menus. As always every BlackBerry with OS version 4.6.0 or higher is supported.

About Hockey Scores

This application provides the day’s hockey scores is an intuitive and easy to use format. It also includes additional game statistics such as start times, goal scorers, shots on net, hits, faceoff percentage, team Corsi numbers, and the goal scorers. Additionally the app supports keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, and a number of display options.

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