Thoughts on last year’s DevCon

It has been a year since the last DevCon so I thought that it would be a good time to look at my thoughts at the time, and how things turned out.

BlackBerry PlayBook

I love my PlayBook, and use it every single day. That said I was right about there being a limited market for Tablets. Once again at this year’s DevCon I expect most of the announcements to center around the PlayBook.

Native Advertising Service

I ended up not using the BlackBerry’s native ad service. However, after they release an Advertising SDK for Adobe AIR at this year’s DevCon I plan on giving it another look for some tablet apps.

In-app payments

This turned out to be the biggest announcement at last year’s DevCon. At the time I wrote about the possibility of being able to make a $1 payment in order to get rid of ads in my Hockey Scores and Twinkle apps. Now today you can in fact do just that in both of those apps, but the real use of this was in the game Xploding Boxes, where you can purchase the full game after trying out the first 25 levels for free.


My expectation of a Spring release was actually a bit off as BBM6 wasn’t out of Beta until summer, but I was right about it being awesome. Thanks to this API you can now use share events in Twinkle via BBM. Furthermore I was invited to the BBM Hackathon in NYC and am working on a game that will be played over BBM.