Early PlayBook applications will reflect the shortcomings of the simulator

The BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale tomorrow, but the applications that will be available for download at the start will reflect the shortcomings of the simulator that they were designed in. Developers have still not received their devices yet (and ironically may be among the last to do so), while the simulator used for developing PlayBook applications is based on a build that is around two months out of date at this point. As a result most of the applications in AppWorld for the PlayBook are very under-tested, and will be for the first few weeks after the PlayBook’s release.

First most of the applications will reflect the limitations of the simulator which didn’t support things like the accelerometer, and multi-touch. As such very few of the initial applications will make use of these features even though they will be available from day one. Additionally there will be very few applications that work in portrait orientation. Related to the lack of accelerometer support, the implementation of this in the simulator was a bit clumsy, and not entirely clear.

The other issue, is that these applications have not yet been tested on version 1.0 software or a real device. As such there are many settings and situations that these applications have not been tested under and developers do not yet know if bugs exist or not.

The Ebscer applications that will be available for the BlackBerry PlayBook this week will be Pixelated, Pixelated Plus, and Black Out. While I hope that these applications are in good shape, they honestly represent the least tested applications that I have ever released. The only evidence that I have of them running on an actual device is a tweet from Alex Kinsella saying that he enjoyed Pixelated Plus. There are rumors among the developers that they way I implemented saving data and displaying the menu may have issues. Expect all of these applications to receive another update in the near future.