Remove advertising in version 2.4 of the Hockey Scores BlackBerry Application

The Hockey Scores application has been updated to version 2.4 adding the ability to use an in application purchase to remove advertising, and improvements to getting data over wi-fi connections. Also support for keyboard shortcuts was recently added in version 2.3 of the application.

Remove Advertising

The Hockey Scores application now gives the option to make a one time payment of 99ยข in order to permanently remove all advertising in the application. This takes advantage of the new APIs available in version 2.1 of BlackBerry AppWorld in order to allow the purchase to be made inside of the application. This option will be shown in both the menu, and on the about page, but only to those users running BlackBerry AppWorld 2.1 or higher.

Device Support

Hockey Scores supports all BlackBerry Devices with OS 4.6 or higher, but version 2.4 is limited to devices running OS 5.0 or higher.

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