Still waiting for OS6

Over two months since RIM released OS6 on the 9800, 8 months since a preview was first showed off, and one month since I complained about it last, there is still no release of OS6 for the 9700, 9650, or 93xx model BlackBerrys. RIM is being obnoxiously slow in their rollout of the upgrade, and it is holding up the future of their platform.

Research In Motion had all summer to watch Google’s dreadfully slow rollout of version 2.2 of Android. But instead of learning from Google’s mistake, they are simply repeating it. Without having to deal with as many third partys, this was a chance for RIM to prove how their model can be better, and result in less fragmentation.

Instead RIM is hurting themselves by taking more time then they need or have in order to roll out code they have completed months ago. Updates to OS6 makes their devices better across the board, and the fact that this hasn’t happened yet gives RIM nobody to blame besides themselves.