3 reasons the BlackBerry PlayBook will not have battery issues

After the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook earlier this week, one of the most common criticisms is that it is not expected to have a good battery life. Never mind that the battery life was not announced, or probably even finalized yet, there are three good reasons not to be worried.

1. It is a low heat device

One of the reasons why people are worried about the battery life is because of the PlayBook’s impressive processing power. The specs indicate the kind of processing that usually requires a 4-inch heat sink and a few fans to cool off. Instead however they have placed all of this technology inside a 9.7mm shell. This implies that they have solved the heat problem, and if the heat problem is solved it is low power, and if it is low power it will minimize strain on the battery.

2. No GPS, No 3G

On current BlackBerrys the largest drains in battery life are (in order) GPS, 3G radio use, and Wi-Fi. The PlayBook will not have GPS, and it will not have 3G radios. The device will have Wi-Fi but this does not use as much energy as other possible ways of downloading information to the device.

3. BlackBerry has a reputation for good battery life

Finally BlackBerry already has an outstanding reputation for good battery life in their products, with devices made by RIM usually being rated better then those produced by Apple, HTC, or Motorola. This expertise will not disappear. RIM is known for their efficiency, and so far all indications show that the QNX operating system improves on that efficiency even more.

Until the actual device and the development platform are released there will continue to be alot of questions about the BlackBerry PlayBook. However, at this point there is little reason to think that battery life is one to be too worried about.