OS5.0 upgrade rates

With the recent release of BlackBerry OS6, the upgrade rate to OS5 continues to be a bit slow. But despite all the complaints about Verizon being slow to roll out an update for the Tour, popular Verizon phones like the 9530 and the 9630 have some of the best upgrade rates. The upgrade rate on the Storm has not improved that much over the past few months. Full data below.

Device OS 4.X OS 5.0
9630 16.3% 83.7%
9530 13.1% 86.9%
9500 48.6% 51.4%
9000 77.2% 22.8%
8900 80.5% 19.5%
8520 85.8% 14.2%

This data came from July downloads of the popular strategy game Pixelated.