Su (version 3.0)

After a longer than expected wait, version 3.0 of Su is finally available. Download the latest version here.

  • Download Su (3.0)
  • Version 3.0 of Su adds numerous features to the program such as advanced options, and the ability to undo your most recent solve. The new features for version 3.0 include reorganized windows, to better handle the default appearance of the help and about screens, including fade effects for XP users (every program already fades in Vista). The program also cleans up the default save folder of My_Documents/Su if it detects that it is not being used. Additionally there are more keyboard shortcuts, and an option panel, to allow you alter parts of the default behavior, such as turning on or off the new error alerts that warn you against giving the program bad input. The program also remembers it’s location on the screen, and gives options for the pattern used for tabing through the boxes. The default tab order is horizontal, to change to reflect the default tab order in versions 1.5 and 2.0 change the tab order option to “boxes”.

    Former versions of Su are still available here. If you enjoyed this program also check out Ebscer Batch Updater and Desktop Running Back.