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Presentation from 2012 BlackBerry World

My presentation from BlackBerry World in 2012 is embedded below.

At this point, the video is over a year and a half old, so some of the information is a little bit dated, but for the most part the talk discusses the importance of continuing to support and promote your app after launch and so this talk applies as much today as it ever has.

The full slide deck for this presentation is available online at

Nickel City Ruby starts tomorrow


The Nickel City Ruby conference starts tomorrow in Buffalo, and I will be one of those in attendance. If you see me, feel free to say hi.

This is a bit of an interesting conference for me to attend as I actually do not know any Ruby and have never used it. Still, a cheap tech conference in my hometown was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. At the very least there is a good chance that I come out of the conference having learned something new…

Presenting today at BlackBerry Live

ShapeItLevel2 - CopyI am presenting session JAM42 today with Brian Scheirer today at 1pm. The topic of our talk is on creating games in Cascades, where we will shows off some of the details (and code!) for a game we have created especially for this event, as well as talk about our experiences creating games like Pixelated, Visual Connection, and Starbeams.

The source code for the sample app can be found at github. An early version of the slides can be found at on my site.